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20 NOV 2017
VCDs being delivered to the Emerald Tower in Manila
16 NOV 2017
Joel Foo and Jack Guo from Kinetica were at the RPIC Real Property National Workshop in Ottawa
19 OCT 2017
Kinetica's Michael Montgomery will be attending the CTBUH 2017 Conference in Sydney!
18 MAY 2017
Scientific publisher Nature has written a brief expose on Kinetica in their University Spin-offs article.
18 APR 2017
Siamak Hariri gives a TED talk about the Bahai Temple project
22 MAR 2017
The Kinetica team publishes a new paper in the ASCE journal.
16 JAN 2017
A visit to the Bahai Temple in Chile by Kinetica.                        
16 JAN 2017
Kinetica's Jack Guo presented an innovative technology for seismic risk management at the 16th WCEE.
12 JAN 2017
Kinetica's Michael Montgomery presented a paper at WCEE 2017 in Santiago, Chile. Read it here!
03 JAN 2017
Kinetica's Jack Guo will be presenting a case study using a new approach for active seismic risk mitigation.
16 OCT 2016
Kinetica's Michael Montgomery is at the 2016 CTBUH Conference in Shenzhen.
20 APR 2016
Kinetica's Michael Montgomery, Deepak Pant and Constantin Christopoulos featured in the Financial Post.
27 NOV 2015
Kinetica and the VCD technology is featured on the University of Toronto newsfeed.
25 NOV 2015
Kinetica's VCD technology to be utilized in Toronto's landmark YC Condominiums.
09 NOV 2015
Kinetic signs memorandum of understanding with Shanghai Dynamic Engineering in China.
13 MAY 2015
Join Kinetica in contributing to the Nepal Earthquake Relief Efforts
02 MAY 2015
The YC Condos project team wins at BILD GTA!                   
24 APR 2015
ASCE Structures Paper on the testing of Viscoelastic Coupling Dampers
05 DEC 2014
Kinetica celebrates groundbreaking of the YC Condos           
04 NOV 2014
Kinetica's Constantin Christopoulos speaks at the CTBUH - Canada
25 NOV 2013
Viscoelastic Coupling Damper in the Journal of Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics
28 MAR 2013
Video for Presentation of the Innovative Viscoelastic Coupling Damper for Tall Buildings