Seismic Consulting



Kinetica Consulting is the consulting branch of Kinetica, specialized in the nonlinear dynamic modelling and risk assessment of infrastructure subjected to extreme loadings, such as those from earthquakes. We apply state-of-the-art scientific approaches to the modelling of structures and risks in order to support our clients in the long-term, sustainable management of their structures portfolio. Our vision is to enhance owners’ understanding of disaster risks and solutions, which ultimately result in safer, more resilient and more sustainable infrastructure.

Our Services Include:

  • Structural risk assessment
  • Seismic loss and downtime estimate
  • Seismic upgrade cost-benefit analysis
  • Risk-based seismic design and upgrade planning
  • Design and modelling of advanced passive damping technologies
  • Design and modelling of seismic isolation technologies
  • Testing and QA/QC support
  • Peer review for advanced seismic protection technologies


P-Spectra Risk-based Infrastructure Resilience Planning

Infrastructure is the first line of defense against earthquake-induced injuries, losses and downtime.  

Kinetica Consulting works with clients at the project conception and planning stage to ensure that seismic resilience is considered in development and upgrade of capital projects. Kinetica Consulting uses the P-Spectra technology to categorize and efficiently analyze an almost exhaustive list of different combinations of seismic resistant systems for the optimization of building performance. The P-Spectra platform is integrated with state-of-the-art loss estimation tools to identify solutions that best meet clients’ financial constraints and business performance goals. We provide full technical support and assistance to consulting engineers in the design and modelling of advanced seismic protection technologies to ensure an on-budget and on-time project delivery.

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